Welcome to Scot Laboratories!
Scot Laboratories is a long-established manufacturer of professional cleaning products. Specializing in Encapsulation Technology, Scot Labs owns more than 100 unique formulas, ranging from carpet and hard floor cleaning to automotive wash and personal care products.

What makes Scot Labs unique?
Above all, we at Scot Labs pride ourselves in our technical expertise. Scot Laboratories was the industry pioneer in Encapsulation carpet cleaning technology in the 1960's, and remains an authority on Encapsulation and low moisture "brush & bonnet" cleaning chemicals. Our Encapsulating chemicals are used worldwide to provide superior carpet cleaning, faster dry times, and absolutely no re-soiling upon drying. Find a Scot's TUFF Distributor Near You Our own brand, Scot's TUFF™, has always been associated with superior results at an affordable price. In addition to our chemical knowledge, Scot Labs has a policy of keeping up-to-date on all environmental regulations. Our in-house technical department is trained and has expertise on EPA regulations, Haz-Mat/D.O.T. regulations, Federal and State consumer product regulations, as well as expertise in the latest eco-responsive chemistries of Green Seal, Design for the Environment, and Ecologo.

What can Scot Labs do for YOU?
In addition to serving professional carpet cleaners, Scot Labs fills both professional strength and retail-ready products for a wide variety of private label accounts. Whether you require formulation, new product development, packaging expertise, or customer service, we are equipped to serve any cleaning market and assist in the new product development process from concept to completion. Scot Labs specializes in start-up services, and we offer personalized technical service and one-on-one customer formulation service that encompasses all aspects of commercial & residential cleaning. We can do small runs, as well as high-volume production.

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