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I’m sure that everyone has heard about a person having sex with a life size doll. At first, I thought this was a strange idea and couldn’t imagine why someone would do such a thing. But then, as I thought about it more, I started to understand why some people may choose this as an option.

First, I started to think about a life size doll. It’s not a real person, but it looks the same and could provide companionship and comfort. It could be a way for someone who doesn’t want a real relationship but still desires the physical pleasure of intercourse. It’s like they’re getting the benefits of being in a relationship but without the hassle of real intimacy.

I also began to appreciate the mental and dildos emotional relief that having sex with a life size doll could bring. A life size doll is a safe place to release sexual tension. There’s no need to be scared or anxious about how another person might respond to your advances, which can be a huge psychological burden when it comes to real relationships.

At first I wasn’t able to relate to this kind of experience. But then I remembered one of my close friends in college. We often talked about our stress and struggles with real relationships and he always wanted something that he could just turn to without having to worry about his actions having real-life consequences.

It did make sense that he might be drawn to having sex with a life size doll as a kind of outlet. He wanted to experience some of the pleasure of a relationship without having to get into the messy details of dealing with other people. Even though I didn’t quite get it, it felt like there was something important to this experience that made my friend feel connected and fulfilled.

Thinking about it in that light, it didn’t seem so outrageous anymore. I began to understand why a person might choose to have sex with a life size doll. It could be their way of taking control of their own pleasure and finding their own form of intimacy.

Now that I understood why someone might choose to have sex with a life size doll, I was curious about how it was actually experienced. I’ve heard a few stories from people who have tried it out and each story is a bit different.

One thing that seems to be a common theorem is how realistic the experience can be. People often talk about how the feeling is surprisingly close to the real thing. They describe the dolls as being warm, responsive and realistic. It almost feels like having sex with an actual person.

The other thing that I find interesting is the response that people get when talking about it. Most people are open minded and accepting when they hear about it, but there are still a few skeptics out there. I think that speaks volumes for how far we’ve come as a society in understanding that different experiences can still be valid and have value.

On reflection, it’s clear that having sex with a life size doll can be a really empowering experience for some people. Ultimately, sex dolls it’s all about finding the right kind of pleasure for yourself that you can feel comfortable with and enjoy.