are sex toys contraband on military bases

It’s hard to think that sex toys are ever contraband, let alone on military bases. I remember first hearing about this rule when I saw a bunch of servicemen desperately trying to hide their latest purchase from base security. To be honest, I was kind of shocked that sex toys were even outlawed there in the first place. After all, sex is a natural human need and instinct, and it’s something that soldiers need to be able to express and fulfill without any sort of limitation.

I had a deeper thought when I discovered sex toys were outlawed there. It almost seemed like military bases were turning a blind eye on the specific needs of their personnel. We all need intimacy – and why should somebody have to leave base to find that? To me, it was hard to fathom that a base would simply ignore the needs of its personnel and not provide a space where they can find legal pleasure.

This law is so outdated. It’s almost 2019 and yet, here we are. Military bases still have these sorts of rules in place. It’s just outraging and at times, very disrespectful to the men and women in these roles. Surely, everybody should have the right to find pleasure in a safe and controlled environment. I think it’s something that needs to be discussed and talked about more openly on military bases.

People should have the right to pleasure themselves without feeling like they are in danger of breaking some sort of rule. As a friend and ally to so many men and women in the military, Penis Rings I understand what it’s like to not be able to find pleasure even if it’s as simple as sex toys, with the fear of imminent consequences.

Purchasing items and exploring your own needs privately should not be something that can get you in an uncomfortable place, especially when you think you are doing it within a safe environment. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to fear the law when it comes to getting yourself to a place of pleasure.

Despite the current situation, I hope this rule changes soon because the underlying message it sends is not good. All in all, it’s about time this rule gets changed because, as humans, sex toys we need and deserve to be able to indulge guilt-free.

After realizing what’s at stake with these regulations, I think it’s necessary for the law to progress and adapt to the current times. It doesn’t help anyone, military or otherwise, to feel shamed or discouraged from seeking pleasure or sex toys. It’s important to recognize that pleasure should not be considered as something forbidden or wrong. It’s a basic human need that needs to be addressed in a more supportive and compassionate way.

I think it’s the moral responsibility of us all to support these laws and regulations being changed. I believe this will ultimately make a profound difference in the lives of so many, not only in military bases, but in society in general. It’s time for us to all stand up and make our voices heard about this issue and help bring it to the forefront of the minds and hearts of those in power.