As a man, I’ve tried a few things to help me get off when I can’t (or don’t want to) find someone to get physical with.​ Recently, I was browsing online and came across the topic of ‘top 10 male masturbate household items’.​ I had to laugh, as I had never really thought about the possibilities! I thought it would be a great discussion to share with my buddies, so here it goes!

First up, we’ve got the classic pillow—it could be anyone’s go-to for an intimate moment.​ Pillows provide a soft exterior with plenty of material to help effectively, not to mention, they offer a good grip.​ There’s something about it that really does the trick.​ Feels like a really good hug.​

Second, one everyone should try at least once is their own hand.​ I think this one gets overlooked because of its simplicity.​ It might take a few moments to perfect the technique, but once you get it down pat, there’s no holding back! Smooth as butter.​

Then, there’s a trusty teddy bear that could be your partner in crime.​ A teddy bear is soft and cozy, plus, the extra material adds a nice sensation.​ I know it sounds a bit strange, but it worked wonders for me.​ A real crowd pleaser!

After that, why not give a stuffed animal a try? It works much like a teddy bear in that it provides the same amount of cushion, with a fun design for added stimulation.​ Plus, they come in a variety of sizes, forms, and colors.​ It’s like an art form!

The fifth suggestion is slightly more interesting, and that’s a vacuum cleaner tube.​ This one provides a unique sensation that’s not found in typical items.​ With this one, you can get up close with a different type of feeling and sensation.​ Allowing you to be creative and explore!

Sixth on the list is a bottle.​ This option may be cold, but it provides a tight squeeze for those who want extra intensity or an unconventional style.​ You can control the pressure with the grip and it can be as enjoyable as it is uncomfortable.​ Ah, the joys of experimentation.​

Finally, no list would be complete without a shower head.​ Water on the right areas can be rather soothing, and some even come with different settings to change it up.​ I should also add the sensation of the hot water running down your body is quite exhilarating.​ Um yeah, this one might be my favorite.​

Now that I have shared my thoughts on the ‘top 10 male masturbate household items’, why don’t we take a look at some of the more unconventional items out there? For instance, we can explore the range of lubricants, wipes, and oils available in the market.​ Not to mention the exotic and artistic sex toys for a truly stimulating experience.​ Not to mention, there’s the exciting world of lingerie that can spice things up, and an array of other fun items for a truly pleasurable experience.​

Which brings me to the topic of oral sex.​ Now, I’m sure most of us are familiar, but what about different variations of the act? One trick I like to use is to get creative with my stance while performing.​ I switch things up to alternate between light and aggressive kissing techniques.​ It really takes the act to a new level.​ Plus, what better way to incorporate the use of flavored body lotions and lubes to make it extra special?

Finally, let’s touch on the subject of sexual fantasies.​ As men, we know how powerful our imaginations are.​ We can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.​ Why not try exploring some of our own ideas? We can read different books or watch videos that stimulate us.​ Not to mention, sex toys even just having a simple conversation with our partner, about our desires, can be totally arousing.​

And with that, I think we are all equipped with the necessary information to make our solo sex sessions as pleasurable as can be! Experimenting can be a real thrilling ride, and there’s always something new to find.​ So next time you are in the mood to please yourself, don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting.​ Choose one of the ‘top 10 male masturbate household items’ for an added bonus!