can.i.use rubber cement on my sex toy

A Wearable Vibrator for Couples - The New York TimesI was honestly wondering if I can use rubber cement on my sex toy. It got me thinking, why could I not glue a toy to my body? You know what I mean- like you sticky an ice pop to a wall! So, I started googling and did my own research. It all started with a question, can I use rubber cement on my sex toy?

I started reading through a few forums, asking around, and curious to know the answer, I stumbled heads first into an answer. Well, my friends, the answer is a resounding “No, rubber cement should not be used near your genitals”. After all the research and facts I’ve found, it’s best to be cautious when using rubber cement on any of your body. It could cause some skin irritation and possible infection.

I was a bit dismanted at first, but after some time, I found some alternatives that allowed me to keep using toys in my bedroom. For instance, I now use medical adhesive tape for clean, even stickage. I figured the four paws of a teddy bear should be good, whereas rubber cement is not. This helped a lot, because I was able to use my favorite sex toy again and keep it secured to my body.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover there were a few other toy-friendly adhesives available, like water-resistant adhesives and even safe, all-natural skin adhesive. That’s just what the doctor ordered for this sex toy loving gal!

Additionally, I became an avid follower of toy-safety forums, where I learned tips and tricks to keep my toys safe and secure while using them. I discovered there’s a great deal of info out there on topics like glue safety, so I never had to worry about my favorite pleasure gadgets.

I was quite relieved to find out that I could safely enjoy my toys after all, thank god! Now I only use the best adhesives to keep my toys in place, and thorough cleaning and proper storage for a healthy and safe toy session. All’s well that ends well, isn’t it?

Now I’ve gone to greater lengths to make sure my bedroom toys are kept in good condition, as well as free from allergens and infection. That’s not all. I make sure to regularly inspect my toys for any kind of damage, such as cracks or deformations. If I see or feel anything unusual, I’ll replace the toy right away.

Since investing in good quality adhesives and toy cleaning supplies, I’ve been able to keep my toys in top-notch condition for a long time. It’s pretty much given me freedom and confidence, so I can relax and enjoy my toys without worrying about any kind of damage or infection. That’s a huge plus in my book!

I also came to learn the importance of good personal hygiene. This includes washing my hands before and sex toys after each use, as well as keeping my toys clean and away from dirt and dust. I’ve also been more aware of what my body can and can’t tolerate while playing with my sex toys, so I won’t get any nasty surprises!

In addition to increased hygiene awareness, I now appreciate the need to was my toys with mild soap and warm water after each use. This is usually done before toy storage, as it will keep my toys clean and extend their life. By changing my cleaning habits, I’ve noticed an awesome difference in the quality of my toys. What can I say? I’m in love with my toys now more than ever!