company making child sex dolls

It was a few months ago when I heard about something taking place in the plast dolls industry. It made me so angry that I’m still fuming about it. Companies making child sex dolls for paedophiles! Can you believe it? I was appalled! How could anyone condone such a practice? It’s revolting.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for helping those with mental health issues, but this is taking it way too far. Why would the dolls be marketed as something suitable to help satisfy the urges of those who are sexually attracted to children? It’s downright despicable.

This really pushed my buttons and I started to look into it. I was stunned by how deep the rabbit hole went. There are actually multiple companies around the world producing these dolls, many of which have been available for purchase online. It boggles the mind that turning a blind eye to this kind of exploitation could be so normalised.

I believe these companies should be shut down immediately. Seeing a child’s likeness being used in this way can only create more trauma and trauma can breed trauma. It won’t do any good to those struggling with their mental health issues either. Making a distinction between consenting adults and non-consenting minors should be beyond the comprehension of any decent human being.

I reached out via social media for more information on this topic and was overwhelmed with how many people agreed with me. While it was so heartwarming to have their support I knew I had to do something more. I started to write letters to local politicians and companies asking them to make changes and put an end to this cycle of madness.

This is something that is not only morally wrong but should also be illegal in most countries. I encourage you to take a stand Penis Rings against this kind of vile behaviour and spread the word. Being a voice for the voiceless can help in ways we could never imagine. It is hard to understand why these kinds of companies find any kind of acceptance in our society.

Since then, I decided to spend more time researching this issue. I read deeper in the news and the public opinion and soon realised that child sex dolls are also being distributed illegally in some parts of the world. Some might think it’s a form of harm reduction, but I’m just seeing it as a means of catering to the people who are participating in such activities.

Moreover, I was shocked to find out that the dolls are being created from data that is taken from photographs, making them even more lifelike. It’s all too easy to find pictures on the internet of young children, without parents consenting to it and vibrators for it to be used for a practice such as this. This is unacceptable, inhumane, and should not be tolerated in any way.

I have been actively speaking against the issue on my social media channels, and many of my friends and followers have engaged with the conversation. I believe it’s important to also inform the younger generations that this kind of activity is wrong and should be condemned. I have even started to put pressure on companies to stop selling child sex dolls, or to inform their consumers of the truth behind them.

At the same time, I have engaged with people who are questioning why this kind of product is even allowed. It is understandable that some people might think that those dolls would help reduce the harm done to children, but in truth, any kind of contact with a child sex doll, no matter how small, still counts as having contact with a child in the eyes of the law.

At the end of the day, no one should be allowed to get away with creating such dolls and profiting from it. People need to know that it is wrong and should be discouraged as much as possible. It never fails to baffle and shock me how such a practice even exists in the first place.