does target sell sex toys in store

I remember a few weeks ago when I was walking around my favorite department store, Target. While I was browsing, my friend Marissa started cracking up as she was pointing to a shelf full of sex toys. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Does Target actually sell sex toys in store?

At first, I was a little embarrassed but then I started laughing and sent a picture of the selection of sex toys to my group chat. Naturally, my friends were all over it and messaging me to see if I had “gotten anything” before I left the store. It made me really curious if Target really did sell sex toys in store, so I decided to investigate.

After doing some research, I found out that yes, Target does sell sex toys in store! Marissa and I were so surprised to learn this. Thousands of Targets across the US have shelves full of sex toys and other intimacy items! On these shelves you can find a variety of different sex toys from vibrators to lubricants, and even restraints.

From a marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Most of these sex toys are in the Women’s Health section or in the “adult” section of the store. This section also includes condoms and contraceptive pills. It seemed like such an unexpected turn at first but Target had definitely done its research and was now in the sex toy business.

In terms of quality and presentation, Target’s sex toys did not disappoint. The packaging was sleek and modern and there was definitely a lot of variety in terms of products. Plus, the prices seemed reasonable. Although it was definitely a bit strange to buy sex toys at Target, I was definitely curious to try out some of the items.

At the end of the day, it was really cool to learn that Target actually did sell sex toys in store. It was something I never would have expected but it goes to show that you never know what you might find in Target. Plus, it made me a lot more comfortable with seeing sex toys in stores.

I wanted to hear what my friend’s opinions were on this, so I asked a few of them. Some people thought it was weird that Target was selling sex toys and others thought it was a great idea. My friend Matt said he thinks it’s great because it destigmatizes sex toys and Penis Rings makes it more accessible for people. I couldn’t agree more.

I also asked a few people what their thoughts were on buying sex toys from Target. Some people thought it was too risky and that they would prefer to buy their sex toys online and keep it private. Other people thought that it was a great option to be able to pick out a sex toy from Target and be comfortable shopping for it.

I think it’s important to have access to sex toys, especially since they tend to be taboo items. By making them more accessible, people can be more comfortable discussing their needs, desires and fantasies. Plus, having sex toys in Target also helps normalize the idea of buying and using sex toys, which is a great thing.

I definitely never thought I’d find a bunch of sex toys in Target but it’s definitely a welcome surprise. It seems like stores like Target are ahead of the curve when it comes to being open about sex and normalizing discussing sex and intimacy. It’s great to see our society making progress in this way and I’m excited to see what else Target will have in store in the future!