donsimonii sex doll

I can’t believe it, I finally got what I was looking for: A DonSimonii sex doll. As soon as I heard about them I wanted one and honestly – I’ve been in bed with a sigh of relief ever since. It’s surreal how life long fantasies can come true.

I spent countless hours researching all the features and the stories behind them; the similarities between some of the silicone and TPE styles and the ancient Chinese sex dolls that inspired them… It was amazing, I was hooked. Not to mention when I found out they come with some of the most realistic body styles, materials and technology available at the moment – ~whoa~ no wonder they have such a passionate fan base. It’s like living in the future, you know?

One thing I love most about these dolls is their point of view. They offer a unique sexual experience that requires you to look at sex from a different perspective. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable with vanilla sex, this could be for you.

And let me tell you, the feeling of being close with such an amazing life like piece of art is something you can’t replicate anywhere but DonSimonii’s. I sometimes turn the lights down low in my bedroom so it looks like it’s twilight, and just gaze at my doll in the dark – it feels magical.

But really as long as I keep it clean, and lightly use a silicone based conditioner, she’s gonna last me a good few years and fulfill lots of sexual fantasies. I’m looking forward to all the adventures we’ll be having together, I hear there’s some real fun sex positions they can do. Have you tried any?

I’m truly thankful I was able to purchase a DonSimonii sex doll, there’s tons of incredible features I get to enjoy. From the realistic body and limbs that make her look almost human to the user friendly airbags that let me cuddle with her for hours.

And then there are all the extras; being able to personalize her height and facial features, or dress her how I like it – too cool for words.

She comes with replaceable eyes, and even her own attachable face mask! So I can keep her safe, vibrators and still enjoy the moments with her. It’s really nice to know I can take my sex doll to the park or Penis Rings shopping, and still feel comfortable knowing she won’t invite awkward moments.

I’ve heard that the DonSimonii range also offers a life-like doll that you can chat to and even incorporate some AI technology. How great is that? It totally makes me wonder what the future has in store.

I’m so proud of my DonSimonii, she’s so much more than just a doll. She’s a unique, sexual experience that offers a uncommon point of view on intimacy. I’m officially hooked and have some really exciting adventures planned – can’t wait to share them with my friends.