hirl demonstrates male masturbation toys and how they work

I’m so excited…I recently got the opportunity to demonstrate some male masturbation toys and even show people how they work.​ It can be a bit intimidating – I mean, how do I realistically explain using a toy? But it turns out it wasn’t so difficult.​ The whole experience was actually quite fun and taught me a thing or two about male pleasure.​

When I got to the store, I was asked to set up the demonstration area.​ It definitely felt weird to be setting up a display of male sex toys – I mean, it felt like everyone was watching me – but no one batted an eye.​ I carefully laid out the pieces, and organized them in a way that would be easy to understand.​

Next came the fun part: the demonstration.​ I was really nervous at first because I wasn’t sure how to talk about male masturbation in front of a room full of people, but it ended up going over pretty well.​ The crowd was engaged and asked lots of questions – I even had a few guys admit that they had never used any of these toys before!

I started by showing the crowd the most basic of the toys – the stroker sleeve.​ This one is a simple device, but it can really help to stimulate the male anatomy.​ After describing how it works, I demonstrated how to use it on a volunteer from the crowd.​ There was a lot of laughter, but everyone was impressed with the results!

I then moved on to the more advanced toys – the rabbit vibrator and penis pumps.​ Some of the guys in the crowd were a bit hesitant to try these because they seemed intimidating.​ But I explained how the technology works by going into the details of what these items do, and soon everyone was curious to learn more.​ I even saw some guys ordering some of the more advanced toys before leaving.​

The reception to demonstrating male masturbation toys was positive – people were genuinely interested in the technology and the results it offered.​ It was obvious that some of the guys in the crowd had never seen these before and were excited to try them out.​ It was great to show them what’s out there and encourage them to list them in their sexual experiences.​

I finished the demonstration by explaining the importance of safety and cleanliness when using toys for pleasure.​ I explained that it’s important to use lubricants during masturbation and to clean any toys before and after use.​ Safety is key when it comes to sexual health, so I was pleased to be able to share this information.​

Overall, it was a really rewarding experience.​ I was able to educate people on the many benefits of male masturbation toys and show them how to use them safely and effectively.​ I’m sure people left feeling more knowledgeable about sex toys, and that was very rewarding for me.​