how to use ice as a sex toy

My friend and I were talking the other day about how to spice up our sex life, and then we started talking about using ice as a sex toy. Before you know it, we were out gathering a few things and that night we were ready to try out this new experiment.

I must admit I was pretty nervous when we first started. I mean, I had no idea how to use the ice in the bedroom in a way that would be both enjoyable and satisfying. But, I was ready to give it a try. We had some frozen grapes, cubes of ice, and a few other interesting items.

First, we began by running the cubes of ice over each other’s skin. It felt icy and cold, sending a wave of shivers up and down my spine. I must say, this wasn’t really what I expected. It was a gentle sensation, as if the ice wanted to take its time getting to know every inch of my body before making its way inside. The sensation left me feeling aroused and excited.

Next, we used the frozen grapes in a way that was similar to the ice cubes. Except this time, we increased the intensity of the experience. We found that using the grapes to massage each other was a sure way to build up an even more erotic feeling. And as the grapes melted in our hands, the sensation of their cold wetness felt even more thrilling when coupled with the heat radiating from my body.

After that, we used the ice in a way that turned up the heat in the bedroom. We would play with the cubes, allowing heat and wetness to bring out the fire in our bodies. Expecting the cold, anticipation would increase as we waxed and waned between hot and cold.

Lastly, we put the ice to work in the bedroom. We took turns using the cubes to trace our partner’s body in a kind of sensual massage, slowly but surely increasing the speed and pressure. As our bodies become more aroused we would find ways to use the ice to take pleasure to a whole new level. We went on and on for hours, taking turns with each new square of ice we’d create.

By the end of it all, we were completely satisfied, utterly spent, and feeling complete bliss. We found that using ice as a sex toy was both unexpected and exciting, and it definitely added a new dimension to our sex life.

Now we also like to get creative with ice cream. Since cream is a bit different and forms a thicker sensation against your skin, it can be used in more areas than just the bedroom. We like to use it in the shower, for instance as it makes a really nice way to add more pleasure and excitement to a shower.

We’ve also found that ice cream can be used on other parts of your body, for instance your neck. It’s a nice way to add some added pleasure to your daily life. Just take the ice cream cone and run it around your neck and other parts of your body. It’ll feel nice and creamy and be really arousing.

And then we like to go even further and turn the ice cream on its head, so to speak. We like to take it and create shapes and designs on each other’s body. While playing with the ice cream you could add flavors like mint or chocolate, or even some fruits. That way you can mix and match scents and textures, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Finally, we found that ice cream can be used as a sort of adult playtime. You can challenge each other to build sculptures or castles as if you were in a park or vibrators beach with only ice cream, enabling you to keep your sex life hot and adventurous.

We also experimented with using the ice cream alongside other toys, like lube or vibrators. Adding a bit of ice cream can really up the intensity, and the wetness creates a slick sensation that can be felt almost everywhere.

Overall, we’ve been having a lot of fun with using ice and ice cream in our sex life. We’ve found that it adds a completely new level of pleasure and excitement, and it makes for a really interesting and enjoyable night.

It’s definitely something you should give a try if you’re looking for ways to make your sex life more adventurous and pleasurable. And you don’t have to stick to just ice cubes or ice cream either, you can also experiment with popsicles and other frozen sweets. Even just running a cold washcloth over each other’s bodies can be a really enjoyable experience.

We also like using ice cubes and frozen foods during oral sex. Slide a cube up and down your partner’s inner thighs and you’ll make them moan with pleasure. Or you can even use an ice cube to rub on your partner’s nipples. You can even put a few ice cubes in your mouth and then kiss them, sending a wave of pleasure through them.

We’ve also seen some people use ice in a sort of bondage way, using the coldness as a kind of power play. To do this, you can freeze a pair of cufflinks or handcuffs in a cup of water and then use them to restrain your partner. It can be a really fun way to add a bit of kink to your sex life.

One of our favorite uses for ice is during spanking. Take a cube and rub it around your partner’s butt for a few minutes before giving them a spank. This will create an even more thrilling sensation and really get those endorphins flowing.

Using ice in other various positions can also be really pleasurable. You can lay a few cubes on your partner’s lower back while you’re lying in missionary, or you can use the cubes to massage them while on top. You can even use cubes as a device to showcase your oral sex skills. As long as you’re careful and check-in with your partner often, you can really take your sex life to new heights with this little trick.

We’ve also seen people use ice as a way to explore temperature play. To do this you can take a few cubes and rub them around your partner’s torso and other key erogenous zones. This way you can find out what temperature your partner enjoys the most.

Finally, we’ve found that adding a bit of coldness to your sex life can really help to increase the amount of energy and sensations you feel. Ice can help to take you out of your head and into your body, allowing for a deeper connection and even more pleasure during sex.