I’ll never forget the day I discovered the warming vibrating male masturbator.​ It felt like I had stepped into an alternate world, one where pleasure, ecstasy and complete gratification were the norm.​ I had never felt anything like this before and I was completely hooked.​

The device itself is fascinating.​ It’s a cylinder-shaped tube, with a ribbed, textured sleeve inside.​ It fits snugly around your member and creates that perfect tight seal to make sure you get the intensity you’re after.​ But the best part is the vibration option – a unique and utterly thrilling experience.​ The device kind of works like a pressure cooker for the Penis Rings – from mild all the way up to intense stimulation depending on the setting you choose.​

The warming vibrating male masturbation device is an absolute game changer in the bedroom.​ From the moment I switched it on, I could intuitively feel the difference.​ It was like nothing I ever experienced before and completely shifted the way I think about pleasing myself.​ I absolutely love the sensations it brought – the slow and steady heat that builds as you work your way around the simulated vagina walls, and that incredible sensation that happens when you get to the right spot.​

Even better, the device is totally intuitive.​ Sure, you can read the manual and go through the modes and settings – but it’s easy to get the hang of the basics just through playing around.​ The control panel offers up a variety of options to mix and match, so you can keep tinkering until you get just the right combo of heat and vibration for maximum pleasure.​

I find that the best way to use the device is to experiment with the heat setting.​ Start with a low heat and then gradually ramp up the intensity.​ One you’ve nailed the perfect place, let the vibrations take over – the stronger you make them, the more intense the experience.​ For some, the sensation of the vibrating heat can be so strong that it can be overwhelming, so take it slow.​ There’s no rush.​

It’s also great for couples to play around with.​ If you’re looking to really spice up the bedroom, this device is definitely something to explore.​ It can be incredibly stimulating to watch your partner experience pleasure like they’ve never felt before – plus, sex toys it adds a sense of control playing ‘doctor’ that can be quite a turn on for both parties.​

When it comes to pleasure, it doesn’t get much better than the warming vibrating male masturbation device.​ The heat, the vibrations, the pressure – it all combines to create an incredibly intense experience that is sure to please.​ Plus, its intuitive design and user-friendly design make it equally enjoyable for solo play and couple’s activities.​ What’s not to love?