I’m gonna tell you something about male masturbation 101.​ It’s something I’ve learnt from experience – it’s not something to be embarrassed about, it’s time for us to feel comfortable talking about it.​ Masturbation can reduce stress, make you feel better about yourself and help you understand your body and your desires.​

I remember when I first discovered masturbation.​ It was a moment of both trepidation and excitement.​ I was scared of the fact that I was doing something ‘wrong’, but also curious and kind of excited by the idea.​ Eventually, I realised that it was something completely natural, something that can be a positive and dildos healthy part of life.​

So what can you do to make it a pleasant experience? Make sure you have plenty of time and don’t rush it.​ Relax and take your time.​ Experiment with different techniques and dildos different sensations to find out what works best for you.​ It can be a great way to explore your body and learn more about your likes and dislikes.​

It’s also important to remember that masturbation is an individual experience.​ Everyone has their own style and techniques that work best for them.​ There is no one-size-fits-all approach here.​ Give yourself permission to experiment and find out what works for you in the moment.​

You can also make masturbation more fun by introducing toys and other devices.​ Many companies make sex toys specifically for men.​ These can add a new dimension to the experience and can make it more pleasurable and enjoyable.​

And don’t forget the importance of lube.​ Lubricants can reduce friction and make the experience a lot more enjoyable.​ There are many different types of lubes available, from water-based to silicone-based.​ Experiment with different varieties to find the one that works best for you.​

While masturbation may be an individual experience, it can also be a great way to connect with yourself and build intimacy.​ It can be a way to express yourself through touch and to explore the depths of your inner self.​

And don’t be afraid to talk about it! If you have a partner, see if they would be open to exploring together.​ Talking about it can be incredibly intimate and can help to bring the two of you closer together.​

Surrounding masturbation is also making sure that you do it in a way that works for your body.​ Taking care of your body is the most important thing.​ We all need different amounts of time and different techniques to feel really comfortable and satisfied.​ Listen to your body and give it what it needs.​

Although masturbation may be a different experience for everyone, it can be a great way to get to know yourself better and to explore your sexuality.​ So, take some time and enjoy the pleasure that comes from self-exploration!