I’m here a bit embarrassed to talk about how to masturbate hands free male because I feel ashamed of this topic.​ But you know, it’s not wrong to do something like this because it’s your own body.​ The best and most entertaining way to do it is hands free and I’m going to share with you some techniques.​

First off, I recommend you get an artificial vagina or anus.​ It can be a good idea to use a lubricant, but make sure it’s oil-based to reduce friction and reduce irritation.​ When you insert your penis into the toy, start slow and find out what sensations work best for you.​ When you find the right spot, you can start moving your hips to increase the pleasure.​

Also, don’t forget to use your imagination because it can be the most enjoyable part.​ Maybe you can imagine a special fantasy or indulge in a naughty story.​ This can help to increase the sensations and make the experience more pleasurable.​

18 Inch Naked Doll Girl Toys for Children Lifelike Baby Princess Doll Kids Gifts Shower Dolls ...Now that we are all set up, it’s time to let go and let it go! Concentrate on your body and its movements, letting the pleasure take over, letting it all go.​ Try to increase the speed and movements that you like and find the ones that are most pleasurable.​ You can also experiment different angles to get the all the pleasure spots.​

Finally, experiment with different techniques and positions.​ Try masturbating while standing, kneeling, or lying down.​ You can also add some extra movement when pleasurable sensations arrive.​ Another thing to try is varying the speed and intensity until you find what makes you peak.​ As a last tip, if you are having trouble climaxing, try focusing on your breathing and relax your body as much as possible.​

These techniques will let you experience hands free masturbation like a pro, but it’s also important to remember to take breaks.​ Take some time between sessions to let your body relax and recover.​ This is important to practice safe masturbation that will not affect your health and performance.​

This is an amazing way of self pleasure, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the real thing! If you get the chance, practice with a partner and make sure you use protection to have consensual and safe sex.​

Now, there are many ways to manually stimulate yourself to achieve hands free male masturbation.​ Different sex toys like masturbators and Penis Rings pumps can be very helpful to stimulate the prostate.​ Vibrators are also a great tool for penis stimulation.​ Start with gently circular motions and increase the intensity as you get more aroused.​ Don’t forget to use some lube with these toys to reduce friction and enhance pleasure.​

If sex toys are not your thing, you can also explore different positions and caresses to build up the pleasure.​ Cowgirl and doggy style are common positions to achieve hands free male masturbation, but feel free to experiment with other positions.​ You can also use your hands to caress your balls, inner thigh and surrounding areas while stimulating your penis for a truly amazing experience.​

Just remember that hands free male masturbation should be seen as another way of experiencing sexual pleasure.​ There’s nothing wrong with exploring your body and finding out what works for you.​ Be positive and don’t be shy to explore with different techniques and positions, the most important thing is to have fun!