is having a sex toy a sin in christianity

I recently got into a heated discussion with some of my friends about whether having a sex toy was sinful in Christianity. We had different points of view and no one wanted to budge from their stance. I thought it would be interesting to get down to the bottom of this religious topic and seek out what the bible says – if anything – about owning and using a sex toy.

One of my friends argued that the bible states that anything that goes against purity is a sin. And, because using a sex toy can be argued to violate the principles of purity, this meant that it was sinful. I wasn’t too sure about this argument as purity is a complex religious concept and it wasn’t even clear if it even applies to modern culture.

My other friend argued the opposite – that owning and using a sex toy served to enhance a partner’s sexual experience which was a positive. She claimed that it was natural and that God had given humans “the power to surprise their partners with different forms of pleasure”. She was adamant that so long as it was between two consensual partners, there was no sin in it.

I found it difficult to come to a conclusion. On one hand, the use of a sex toy could be argued to be a form of self satisfaction, as opposed to mutual. On the other hand, something like sexual bondage could heighten intimate pleasure for both partners simultaneously.

Online Sex Toys Shop In Pak Kret | +66 971358956In an effort to learn more about the Christian view of sex, I decided to look for official Christian teachings on sex – and Penis Rings this is what I found. In some Christian circles, dildos it’s thought that when it comes to having sex, there should be no force, no pleasure other than that found in a close union of two individuals. This suggests that any additional forms of pleasure – and this could include sex toys – are a no-no.

However, other Christian circles have a different take on the use of sex toys. According to them, there is no definitive answer and – as long as both parties are in agreement and feel comfortable with the use of a sex toy – it is permissible.

At the end of the day, the opinion on whether the use of sex toys is sinful in Christianity boils down to personal preference. Some may enjoy the pleasure and increased intimacy they provide while others may find it offensive and against their Christian beliefs. It’s entirely up to the individual to make a judgement call based on what they deem as acceptable.

After learning all this, I wonder – would I consider using a sex toy? I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem like such a bad thing – but I’m still unsure. Ultimately only one thing stands true – I believe that as long as it’s done with mutual agreement and understanding between two consenting partners, it can’t be seen as a sin in the eyes of Christianity.