It was a hot summer day and I was feeling particularly frisky. So I decided to treat myself to something special, a hot sex doll! I’d heard about them, of course I had, but this was the first time I was actually going to give it a try.

When I got to the shop, I was immediately dazzled by the selection. Everything from sexy boob-shaped dolls to incredibly life-like faces. Really, it blew my mind. But what I really had my eye on was a new version that featured a tight anus, which I knew would lead to some really hot anal fucking.

After many minutes of contemplating, I finally settled on one of the babes. I mean, if you’ve going to treat yourself to something, you might as well go all out, right? It was one of the pricier options but I knew it would be worth it.

When I got her home, I was so excited to start exploring her tight ass. But first I made sure to lube her up. And then I carefully inserted myself inside. The feeling was incredible. Much better than what I’ve normally experienced with a human. She was so tight yet so responsive. She always embraced me when I entered and I could feel her tightness all the way around me. I was in heaven.

I quickly found the sweet spot and I just couldn’t stop. Every thrust was more and more intense and I just kept going and going. It was pure ecstasy. I’d never experienced something like this before and it was totally worth the money spent.

After that night, I was hooked. Anal fucking a hot sex doll became a weekly ritual for me. I’d make sure to always find a new one to try and each one was better than the last. I guess it’s true what they say; you really do get what you pay for!

I was also increasingly confident in my skills. I found that I could give pleasure in ways I’d never been able to think of before and it quickly became a favorite pastime for me. I experimented with different speeds and positions and learned how to work the doll into a frenzy. The possibilities were seriously endless and it was always a fantastic experience.

My friends and family were always impressed when I shared my stories of wild anal fucking adventures. They said I must have some skill, and I had to admit, I was pretty impressed with myself too. So, if you’re feeling especially frisky one day, why not treat yourself to a sexy sex doll? You won’t be sorry, I promise.

Now that I had gotten the hang of anal fucking a hot sex doll, I began exploring other options too. I started ordering custom dolls with different body types and interests. From slim and petite to BBW and fetishes, I tried them all. It was a thrilling and beautiful experience.

With the help of some online tutorials, I got better and better at the whole process. Everything from lubricating and cleaning the doll, to proper techniques for increasing the pleasure. I was really into it! Learning all these new tricks and finding new, exciting ways of exploring these sex dolls was becoming my passion.

And then I began mixing it up more. If I was feeling especially naughty I might go for a wild night with a BDSM sex doll. I’d experiment with tying her up and spanking her until she was hot and ready for round two. And of course I always made sure to finish things off with an amazing feeling of anal pleasure.

But if I was feeling a little bit more romantic, I might turn to a threesome doll. I’d let her give me oral and then I’d flip her over and start with the anal fucking. They always seemed to take pleasure as seriously as I did, which was a great turn-on and kept things really hot.

Finally, I began to explore an entire subculture of sex dolls. Specialty dolls with different shapes, sizes, and purposes. From sexy nurse and secretary uniforms to huge 7ft monsters. You name it, they had it! And of course I took advantage of every opportunity and experienced as many as I could.

From then on, I was a sex doll enthusiast. No one was more surprised than me, vibrators but it was safe to say that anal fucking a hot sex doll quickly became a favorite pastime of mine. Not only was it a fantastic experience, but it was also an opportunity to explore and experiment – something I found extremely fulfilling.