japanese nintendo sex doll

Wow, I just heard about this new Japanese Nintendo Sex Doll! I couldn’t believe it, how did something like that even become a thing? I was OFFENDED, why were people so desensitised to this kind of stuff? I felt a strong urge to DO something about it, and so I decided to look into the matter further.

My first thought was that it was a cruel joke. But as I dove further into the news, I was shocked. It turns out that it was a legitimate product that was gaining popularity in Japan. Its sole purpose was to be used as a sexual prop in order to fulfil a fantasy, and its popularity was unparalleled.

I felt sick. I felt that this anime sex toy was crossing the line in terms of decency and morality. What kind of purpose was there for vibrators having a real human-like sex doll? It definitely did not promote healthy relationships, and it certainly was objectifying females in a terrible way.

I decided to explore the matter further and found out that this trend was growing. Some people collect these dolls to just have as an object in their home, dildos others are less picky and are after a more realistic experience. Furthermore, these dolls are designed in a way that can interact with their owners in a number of ways. They can be programmed to move, whisper and respond to humans in an incredibly realistic manner.

I realised that this type of sex toy was crossing over the boundaries and lines of moral decency. I felt devastated and had a strong feeling of disgust, this was something I had never considered before.

I did some more research and to my surprise, there are organisations in Japan that are actively campaigning against these dolls. They argue that they have the potential to cause tremendous psychological damage in the long run. I completely agree. This is not something for kids, and it definitely is not something that promotes a healthy relationship.

I also found out that these dolls have been around since the early 2000s. It’s hard to believe that it has been so long, yet this culture is still thriving. Stores are always looking to fill up their inventories with new models and styles. Additionally, 3D printing has made the process of creating these dolls easier than ever before.

As I did more research, I also learnt that these dolls come with gaming capabilities. For example, some of the models come with consoles and game cartridges that are programmed to match with the doll’s artificial intelligence. These dolls have become so lifelike, that some people believe they should be considered as human-like beings.

After learning all of this information, I am still outstanding shocked by this concept. I cannot believe that something like this would be taken seriously in the 21st century. It’s a disgrace and something that should not be taken lightly. This issue needs more attention and we need to have a discussion about it.