Man, anal masturbation is something that I have experienced firsthand and let me tell you, it’s something that I will never forget.​ First off, let me just say that the feeling it gives you is almost indescribable.​ There’s something about it that just makes all of your nerve endings spark with pleasure and then double that pleasure with a whole bunch of other feelings.​ As far as what I know about male anal masturbation vids, let me just say that they are quite popular and so intense at times that you almost can’t believe what you’re seeing.​

I first heard about male anal masturbation vids when I was speaking to some of my adult friends.​ Immediately, I was intrigued but also a little afraid of what I was getting into.​ I mean, I felt like I had opened up a Pandora’s Box, especially when I saw some of the vids they had been watching.​ When I actually started exploring the vids, I was amazed at how intense some them were.​ It was like these men were pushing their limits and then some.​ I felt mesmerized by it all.​

These vids were full of different kinds of props, like anal beads, vibrators, butt plugs and dildos.​ Some men even went another level with butt plugs that went up to four inches long.​ I soon became curious as to why men got so crazy with it.​ Was it because of pleasure or thrill? I noticed that some of the guys in the vids were getting really aroused when they inserted something large and that’s when I knew that it was more of a thrill.​

I decided to give it a try but with caution.​ I started off with some anal beads to get used to the feeling.​ They were amazing and it felt really good.​ Then I moved up to a butt plug and worked my way up from there.​ Every time I progressed, I found that it felt more and more amazing.​ It’s like each experience was a whole new level of pleasure, one that I hadn’t felt before.​

The reality is that these male anal masturbation vids really opened my eyes to the art of self-pleasure.​ Before watching them, I didn’t know much about anal sex toys or even anal play in general.​ But once I started exploring it for myself, I found that it was an interesting and deeply pleasurable experience.​ It was a real learning journey that ended with me understanding and appreciating my own body much more.​

I soon came to realize that many of the vids highlighted male anal masturbation as something that men could do to explore their sexuality.​ It was a way to bring the intensity of pleasure up a notch, and really take intimate exploration to a whole new level.​ I can honestly say that these vids enlightened me about the whole concept of male anal pleasure.​

Another thing I found interesting about these vids is that some of them gave instructions on how to safely explore male anal pleasure.​ For example, some of them showed how to properly use lube and how to insert bigger objects slowly and carefully.​ I thought it was really helpful that they gave this kind of advice because it made the experience much safer.​ I was able to feel at ease knowing that even in the most powerful moments of pleasure, I’d feel safe.​

A disturbing number of child sex dolls have been intercepted by Australian Border ForceFinally, I learned that male anal masturbation vids aren’t just about pleasure, but also about self-discovery and exploration of a man’s body.​ This made me feel grateful for having such a strong connection to my body and my feelings.​ It also made me more mindful of my partner’s experience of anal play.​ It’s been an eye-opening journey and I recommend it to anyone who’s willing to take it.​