masturbated with a male friend

I’ve never been much of one for sexual experimentation, but one time my good buddy and I got incredibly wild.​ We were stumbling home from a bar one night, both of us feeling bombed, and we started talking about how we’ve never tried mutual mastubation before.​ It just seemed like something we really ought to try, y’know? Can’t live life to the fullest if you don’t try it all, right? So, we both stripped down and got started.​

It was an absolutely wild experience.​ It honestly felt like we were the only two people in existence for a few seconds.​ Any sensations we felt were blended between the two of us, amplified to the point where it felt like our consciousnesses merged into a singular force.​ It was strange, amazing, and completely unforgettable.​ It felt like I’d gone exploring a foreign and unknown land – somewhere I had no map or context, just freedom and exploration.​

Neither of us really knew what we were doing.​ We just kind of went with it, our bodies moving instinctively, our senses guiding us.​ We found ourselves both stroking each other’s most sensitive areas.​ In one moment we’d look into each other’s eyes, and in another we’d just tear them away and go completely wild.​ It was like dancing a different kind of tango, one that only required the two of us, and where there was no choreography or predetermined steps.​

I guess in a way this was my first real intimate experience with another dude.​ I had no idea what to expect, but the sheer intensity of it all was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.​ The sensation was so incredibly heightened and profound that I soon found myself trembling with pleasure.​ We were exploring each other’s bodies in ways that felt completely natural, yet completely unique to us.​

Thoughts and emotions I never knew were possible kept pouring through me, blending into one another like the half-formed threads of a dream.​ It was like I’d entered a completely different realm, a place where pleasure and frustration and delight and confusion all blended together in a beautiful chaos.​ It was both calming and stimulating all at once, and I felt completely energized.​

It was one of those experiences that just can’t be captured through words.​ And after it was all over, we just sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes.​ Even if some people may think we did something wrong or inappropriate, I’m totally at peace with it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.​

We’ve talked more about our experience a few times since, and both of us still feel incredibly grateful for the unique opportunity.​ I’ve never quite felt so alive and connected to my own body before.​ It’s like that night opened up a new world inside of me, one that I barely knew existed but that had been growing and thriving all along.​ And I’ve carried all of that newfound energy and awareness with me since.​

Naturally, all this new understanding and connection gave me a new outlook on sex toys and sexuality.​ I now see sexuality as something far more sacred than something we just do in the heat of passion.​ It’s something that can bring two minds, souls, and bodies together in a truly powerful and ceremonial way.​ And that’s a beautiful thing.​

And importantly, I now know it’s safe to be open and honest with friends about exploring of this kind of intimacy.​ Mutual masturbation may not be for everyone, but who’s to say what is right or wrong? In my opinion, it’s really up to each individual and what they’re comfortable and open to.​

I’m also a firm believer that it is just as important to explore our own intimate wants, desires, and bodies as those of someone else’s.​ As much as I value connection with another person, exploring on my own has been just as valuable for me, and has helped me better understand my own sexuality and gladly embrace it.​

Having a mutual masturbation session that one time opened my eyes to truly living life to the fullest.​ It was an introspective and powerful experience that taught me so much, and I am incredibly thankful for vibrators it.​