Masturbation is something that is shrouded in secrecy by most men.​ It can feel like a taboo subject, or something which should stay hidden and never be spoken of.​ But I’m here to talk about it! I believe that secret male masturbation shouldn’t be so secretive, and that it is an important and valid topic of discussion.​

Growing up, I often heard whispers about masturbation.​ Naughty jokes, or cringes from teachers who had overheard students mention it, or odd looks between parents.​ It felt like this was something that society wanted us to feel ashamed of, yet nobody felt confident enough to discuss it openly.​ My friends and I would laugh uneasily, but we never actually talked openly about it.​

As a young man I had heard all kinds of stories about crazy sex toys, outrageous techniques and abnormal fetishes, but I had never considered talking openly about masturbation.​ I felt like I had to be extra careful about this subject, to ensure I never appeared to be admitting to it directly.​ I was very stressed and anxious about the topic, often feeling overly concerned that somebody would mistakenly think I was admitting to it.​

It took me a while to actually build up the confidence to talk about male masturbation.​ But when I finally did, I instantly found the conversations to be incredibly uplifting and vibrators refreshing.​ I realized that many of my friends felt the same way I did – embarrassed and secretive about the topic – and we started discussing it with a much more open approach.​

As I talked more about the topic of secret male masturbation I began to experience a lot of liberation along with the curious exploration of new ideas and techniques.​ I felt comfortable enough to explore further and find out more.​ I learned that there is nothing remotely wrong or immoral about masturbation, and was reminded that it is a perfectly normal and natural activity – something that most of us engage in, yet something that we don’t often talk about or share stories about.​

I began to discover different tools and techniques to explore, with varying outcomes – some good, some not-so-good.​ In any case, I found the whole experience to be incredibly pleasurable.​ I realized that the best thing about masturbation was that it was entirely up to me to set the terms and boundaries around it – no judgement, no shame.​

The more I talked to others, the more I was able to compare notes with them.​ Eventually I became more comfortable with discussing it, and even encouraged others to do the same.​ It turns out that sharing our experiences, triumphs and failures, was beneficial to most of us, as it opened up a whole new world of understanding and exploration of secret male masturbation.​

Of course, the conversation is still one that has to be had carefully! But I’m thankful to have finally found someone who I can share this with without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.​ I’m sure you’ll agree that it is important to be open and honest about these topics, regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel initially.​