Oh boy, I just heard about the old farts using penis pumps! I was so shocked to hear this, I almost couldn’t believe it.​ Definitely a far cry from the typical things I usually hear my parents discussing.​ I mean I heard them talking about the Grand Canyon or maybe hiking trips, but this was something far different.​ My initial reaction was to laugh and to sarcastically ask them how did their trip to the bedroom go? But I quickly realized that I had to be more respectful and careful about my words because this was something that my parents actually believed could be a supposed miracle.​

So once I had absorbed the information I started to research the topic and came across what penis pumps are used for.​ All I knew was that a penis pump is used to increase the size and appearance of penis but didn’t know that it was only for men who suffered from erectile dysfunction.​ So this was a huge eye opener for me and the realization that my parents might also be suffering from something similar made me sad.​ I mean why hadn’t I known they so desperately wanted a solution and were turning to these pumps for that?

I then read up more about the process of using a penis pump – the ease of using it, its benefits and the risks.​ On the upside, it is relatively easy to use and some benefits can include improved self-esteem, better erections and even an increase in penis size! On the other hand, there are also some potential risks – such as development of erectile tissue and impotence.​

After researching, I decided to talk to my parents and ask them about why they opted for vibrators this solution.​ My dad energetically explained how he was feeling hopeless and that after using the pump for a few weeks, he felt a huge difference.​ He also said that now after years of working hard and taking care of our family, he was finally able to enjoy his married life with my mom.​ He was so energetic sharing all of this with me and I could feel his happiness radiating out of him.​

I also asked my mom for her thoughts and she instantly downgraded my dad’s enthusiasm.​ She said that it might be temporary and that the pump would only work as long as they keep using it.​ I mean, it seemed like the same script that applies to almost all other “miracle pump” out there: you reap what you sow.​ I knew my parents have been working hard and taking care of us but I had still no idea how desperately they desire this one solution.​

Afterwards I started learning more about the procedures and the possibility of surgery which isn’t very common.​ I know, personally, the thought of surgery scares me and after the conversation I had with my parents it made me think twice.​ I mean if old farts can rely on these pumps to remain sexually active, then isn’t surgery too drastic of a solution?

I also read about natural remedies and ancient cures, which, depending on your faith, you suppose it to be true.​ One thing that I found out was about the homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines available in the market.​ They are even endorsed and accepted by the medical community.​ Who would’ve thought that something so simple could be so effective?

163cm Real Silicone Sex Dolls for Men Japan Real Doll Anime Rubber Woman Real Sex Doll Big ...So overall, I’d say that old farts using penis pumps are not as uncommon as you might think.​ There are both potential benefits and risks, but with the right information and help, the old timers can enjoy a more active sex toys life.​ Thankfully, I now know that before considering the riskier options, there are multiple alternatives that they can try.​