penis pump scott taylor

Whenever I mention the topic of penis pumps to my friends, I’m always met with a mixture of incredulousness, excitement, and embarrassment.​ That’s why when Scott Taylor posted an article detailing his experiences with penis pump technology, I practically jumped out of my seat.​

Scott Taylor’s article was a real eye opener for me.​ He started off by talking about how he was always hesitant about using penis pumps because of the potential risks, but decided to give it a try anyway.​ He went through a step-by-step process of what it was like for him, and I could definitely relate to the sensations he was describing.​ He also shared some of the potential risks associated with using pumps, like enlargement inflammation, damage to blood vessels, and even erectile dysfunction.​

Despite the potential risks, Scott’s article helped to reassure me that using penis pumps can actually be safe.​ He shared some tips on how to reduce the risk of any of the issues above, such as always using lube and never using too much pressure.​ Most importantly, he explained that, when used safely and correctly, pumps can actually be very effective in helping you achieve a bigger, thicker, dildos and longer penis.​

I was at the edge of my seat as I read through Scott’s article and was amazed by how much detailed information was provided.​ He went through the different types of pumps you can use, their benefits, the right way to use them, how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong, and much more.​ I couldn’t believe the amount of detail he provided.​

I finished reading Scott Taylor’s article feeling incredibly educated and more aware of how to safely use penis pumps.​ Now, knowing the risks and how to properly and safely use pumps, I feel much more confident in using them for myself.​


One of the things I liked most about Scott Taylor’s article is that it was loaded with anecdotes.​ He shared stories of his own experiences with using a penis pump and how he felt after using one.​ He also shared stories of others’ experiences that had both positive and negative outcomes.​ It truly brought to life the experience of using a penis pump and made me feel like I was right there in the moment.​

More Tips

In addition to Scott’s advice, I’ve heard of other tips from friends and internet sources that have further helped me understand how to safely and correctly use penis pumps.​ For example, it’s important to make sure that the opening and interior of the pump are both cleaned regularly and properly.​ Proper cleaning can reduce potential bacteria buildup and provide a greater level of safety.​

Physical Preparedness

Before using a penis pump, it’s important to make sure that your penis is physically prepared and ready for use.​ This means that you should always start by taking a lukewarm bath, masturbating for a few minutes beforehand, or using an appropriate lubricant to reduce friction and potential injury.​

Getting the Right Size

Finally, vibrators if you’re looking to buy a penis pump it’s important to get the right size.​ We all know that bigger isn’t always better, so it’s important to make sure the pump you get is the right size for your penis.​ You want it to fit comfortably and not be so tight that it’s causing discomfort or potential damage.​


Since the topic of penis pump usage can be complex, it’s important to do your research before using one.​ Scott Taylor’s article is a great start, but you can also find detailed resources online.​ Some even come with diagrams, which can be incredibly helpful in visualizing the use of pumps.​

Consulting with Professionals

The most important tip I can give is that you should always talk to a medical professional first.​ Even though penis pumps can be used safely, an experienced doctor or healthcare provider can help to ensure that you’re using one safely and correctly.​ They can help to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and provide advice tailored to your specific needs.​

Final Word

Overall, Scott Taylor’s article was incredibly informative and useful.​ Reading it gave me a greater understanding of how to use penis pumps properly and safely, as well as the potential risks associated with them.​ While nothing can replace consulting with a doctor first, for those of us who are too shy or embarrassed, Scott Taylor’s article gives us a great starting point to delve deeper into this world of penis pump technology.​