Agave Nectar Body Oil



This nutrient-rich body oil will leave you with soft, smooth, and supple skin!  The Agave Nectar body oil is a luxurious, non-staining, soy-based oil, made with omega fatty acids and antioxidants designed for healthy, radiant skin. 

The light-weight body oil is blended with Sandalwood, Barley, and Amurense Bark- ingredients proven to lock in moisture and reduce signs of aging. Let the decadent Sandalwood perfume envelope you in its scent. The Agave Nectar body oil can be swiped across the arms, legs, and torso, for glowing, shimmery skin that lasts all day long.

A portion of every Farmhouse Fresh purchase is used to rescue and care for forgotten, neglected and abused farm animals that come to live at the Farmhouse Fresh Animal Sanctuary. 

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