Brandy Pear Liquor Infused Body Polish



Give your skin a drink that will quench its thirst! The Brandy Pear Body Polish from Farmhouse Fresh is a luxurious exfoliating scrub crafted from pear-infused brandy and California Bartlett pears. 

Fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil help fight off wrinkles and buff away dry skin, leaving behind a bright and moisturized surface. For best results, use this scrub 2-3 times a week, using wet fingers to massage the body polish into your skin in small, circular motions. Each jar of Brandy Pear polish contains one pound of crushed and fermented pears, that envelopes you in a rich and decadent scent from day-to-night.

A portion of every Farmhouse Fresh purchase is used to rescue and care for forgotten, neglected and abused farm animals that come to live at the Farmhouse Fresh Animal Sanctuary. 

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