Disguise Open Mouth Hood with Padded Blindfold



This lightweight hood is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over their head and obscuring their view while leaving their mouth accessible. It features a built-in padded blindfold and will not hamper breathing. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. Perfect for some roleplaying, or insertion of a mouth gag, sex toy, or any other exciting object.

When playtime is over, give you sub a massage. Keep in mind to check on your sub during playtime to make sure they are enjoying it just as much as you are! Remind each other before playtime of the signals and safe words to use during the scene if you are uncomfortable with the activities. 


Great for intermediate to advanced players
Covers whole head, leaving only the mouth for breathing
Adds excitement during sensation play
One size fits most
Made of spandex


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