Earthly Body Ride My Sleigh Holiday Massage Candle



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Introducing Earthly Body’s limited edition holiday scent: Ride My Sleigh, with fragrance notes of Dew Drops, Fallen Leaves, and Sandalwood. Made from the same organic derivatives as the Hemp Seed collection, Earthly Body’s seasonal massage candles have a rich, sultry scent.

To use this candle for massage, light the wick of your candle 15-30 minutes before play. Once oil has accumulated at the base of the wick, you can pour the oil onto your partners skin. The soy-based wax will melt at a lower temperature to prevent contact burns- simply blow out the flame to prevent oil from passing through the heat.

This long lasting, moisturizing blend is perfect for a warming, body massage. Experience the wonders of a heated massage, designed to relax the muscles and reduce pain. Set the tone for your night with Earthly Body’s three-in-one massage candles, allowing your body to surrender to its dynamic, and layered scent.


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