Earthly Body Water Slide Lubricant



 Made from all-natural ingredients and certified vegan-friendly, Water Slide personal lubricant is the perfect water-based lube to use with condoms, during intercourse, and with all your sex toys. While other water-based sex lubes may become sticky over time, Water Slide Personal Lubricant is made to never feels sticky!

This lube is made with a seaweed extract called Carrageenan that is a natural skin moisturizer and gives the lube its distinctive smooth and silky texture. Water Slide doesn’t contain any silicone, petroleum or preservatives; it is non-toxic, non-staining, and odorless so it can be used by people with sensitive skin. The Water Slide Personal Lubricant is made in the United States by Earthly Body. This lube is safe to use with all sex toys.

Size: 4 oz


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