Easy Anchor Anal Plug



It is so simple and easy, anyone from a bashful beginner to erotic expert can enjoy! The Easy Anchor Anal Plug’s classic design will need to be a staple in anyone’s toy chest. The soft silicone feels plush and gently stimulates your erogenous zone. The tapered tip is great for insertion with a bulbous body for an erotically filled feeling. 

When engaging in anal activities, remember that the anus does not self-lubricate. Be sure to apply plenty of anal lubricant before the fun begins. When the fun is done, clean with a toy cleaner and warm water rinse. For an effortless insertion, relax your muscles. If you are having difficulties doing that, have a partner give you an anal massage with their finger, or orgasm before engaging in your anal adventures. If inserting this plug becomes painful, stop. Pain is your body telling you may injure yourself. Take a break before trying again or try again later. 


Great for all players
Made of 100% silicone
Tapered tip for easy insertion
Measures: 5 in x 1.5 in 
Water-based lubricant safe


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