F*ck You Finger Gift Bag



There is nothing that conveys such a spectrum of emotions as the middle finger. The F*ck You Gift Bag is the perfect size for vibrators, wine bottles, and roses. Use it to bring humor and style to any occasion- ideal for birthdays, graduations, and more! Made from durable cardstock paper, the F*ck You Finger Gift Bag is ready support the weight of any gift under 14 inches. Let the F*ck You Finger Gift Bag do the heavy lifting, it’s thick, woven handles make traveling with your gift a breeze. Looking for the perfect bag stuffer? Pair this gift bag with the complementary F You Bullet by Naughty Bits.

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Pairs Great With:

  • Naughty Bits F You Bullet Vibrator
  • Suck a Bag of Dicks Penis-Shaped Candy
  • F*ck This Amaretto Scented Candle


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