Full Sleeve Arm Binder



Take your scene, and your sub, to the next level. This Full Sleeve Arm Binder will make sure that your consenting sub is keeping their hands to themselves! Slip their arms through the sleeves and adjust the straps so that they are restricted but comfortable. Then, let the scene commence! With their arms behind their back, you can punish them how you’d like, or tantalize their senses in the best way. Take playtime up a notch and blindfold them – every touch will be a surprise!

When playtime is over, give you sub a massage. Keep in mind to check on your sub during playtime to make sure they are enjoying it just as much as you are! Remind each other before playtime of the signals and safe words to use during the scene if you are uncomfortable with the activities. 


Great for intermediate to advanced players
Made of vegan leather and nylon
Measures 22-inches in full length
  – 18 inches insertable arm length
Shoulder straps adjust from 6 in – 11 in 
Never leave a restrained partner alone


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