FUN CUP Explorer Menstrual Cups – 2 Pack



The sinking feeling when you realize your tampon or pad adjusted when you were sleeping or moving around is no fun. Fun Factory’s FUN CUP eases your worry. This kit provides you with two (2) different sized cups that will give you hours of protection. They are made with body-safe silicone, alleviating the concern of Toxic Shock Syndrome. For the environmentally friendly user, this cup cuts down on waste seen with tampon and pads. These cups last years, which saves your wallet. Additionally, they are foreplay friendly; no strings to get in your way and no mess!

Using the cup is simple. First, select the cup which best matches your needs. The Size A cup is smaller and is firmer for those who have lighter periods. The Size B Cup is ideal for those who have heavier flows due to the larger and more flexible design. Both cups are a non-intrusive to the user. 

Once a cup is selected, you can use lube to insert. This is especially helpful when you are starting your flow or think it is about to begin. When your cup is full, simply empty and wash with warm water. If you are stuck in a stall, try a cleansing wipe. When your finished menstruating, clean your cup and dry before storing. 


2 options great for different fits and flows 
Pack cups with an antimicrobial bag
Cups great for active users 
Holds 4x the amount of tampons
Body safe materials 
Cuts down on waste
Lasts for years
Saves money


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