Fun Factory Stronic Surf



Life’s too short for average orgasms. The Fun Factory Stronic Surf massages you from the inside, hitting every nerve ending, for a satisfyingly full feeling and surround-sound pleasure. Lie back and enjoy hands-free thrusting in ten different settings!

We love the G-spot, but it’s not the only spot worth shouting about! The Stonic Surf’s ripples massage hotspots along the front and back walls of the vagina, including the often-neglected perineal sponge, a section along the back wall that’s rich in nerve endings. More stimulation = bigger orgasms! Sometimes find ridges on a toy to be a bit too much? Hate “Ribbed for Her Pleasure” condoms? No worries. The STRONIC SURF’s more organic shape and spread-out ripples offer deep massage, not surface-level stimulation.

The Stronic Surf is part of our Pulsator II line of slimmer, lighter, sleeker thrusting toys. By popular demand, our engineers shrunk our patented PULSATOR technology to make a line of toys that are slim enough for comfortable everyday use. Don’t think that you’re sacrificing that satisfying feeling of fullness, though! The SURF’s shape gives you the pressure you want.

Oh yeah, did we mention the hands-free thrusting? The Stronic Surf thrusts back and forth on its own, in ten different settings, from a steady pulse to a wild rhythm. Build your arousal slowly, or head straight for the highest setting!

We want you to be able to enjoy your pulsator in peace! That’s why the Surf’s unique technology is nearly silent. No need to crank up the music or hide under your thickest comforter when you’re taking care of business.


Thrusters give you the pleasure of penetrative sex for as long and hard as you want it. Just add some lube, and enjoy strokes from gentle to powerful. Adjust them easily to meet your desire.  You can also keep things going when your partner wants to rest. You can use the toy hands-free, let them take control or add some penetration to your oral sex session. 

The potent thrusts of the Stronic Surf also stimulate the internal clitoris, sometimes referred to as the “legs” of the clit. Pair it with an external vibe and massage your clit from multiple angles.


A new edition of a global bestseller great solo or with a partner
Smaller, more discreet size
Lock function for easy travel
Intuitive button interface
Charge indicator lights
Low battery warning
Non-porous and hypoallergenic
45 minutes of play on highest speed
6-8 hours initial charge
7 speeds & 3 rhythms
Designed and handcrafted in Germany
Love the Earth Body-safe materials 
Love yourself Waterproof – Get wet



Please note – If you have an implanted cardiac device (pacemaker), please consult your doctor before using a Stronic. This toy’s unique thrusting motion is powered by heavy-duty magnet, and although it is rare for an electromagnetic field to affect the function of a pacemaker, we recommend that you get a medical opinion before using any Stronic toys.


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