Kangaroo Honey Pink Powder Blend for Her (1Pk)



The Kangaroo Pink Honey blend is a brand new female enhancement supplement designed to be mixed into your favorite beverages! The Kangaroo Honey mixture has the same powerful effects of a Kangaroo pill at a fraction of the cost. Experience the natural benefits of honey with the Kangaroo Honey Pink. The Kangaroo Pink is a great choice for any person that is looking for more intense orgasms and improved comfort. Heighten sensation, reduce friction, and enhance arousal with the Kangaroo Pink Honey, the top pick for female enhancement!

Please note that the Kangaroo Honey blend has a gritty and natural flavor. We recommend mixing this product with a flavored liquid to mask some of its herbal tang! For best results, take this product 60 minutes before intercourse. This product should be consumed with at least 16oz of water to prevent headaches. The intensity of your supplement may be influenced by factors such as weight, height, and metabolism. For the most noticeable effects, allow for 72 hours between each use.

Our customers can’t get enough of this combo! 

When you’re ready for a long weekend getaway, pack this Kangaroo for you and some for your partner! Enhance the effects of your Kangaroo with these sex chocolates. Buckle up for a hot, steamy night!

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