Le Wand Swerve Stainless Steel Beaded Massager



Life Long Pleasure

The Swerve is a beaded massager with a unique S-shaped silhouette. It’s waterproof, stainless, and non-porous material guarantees a lifetime of use, impervious to unpleasant scents and bacteria. Perfect for sphincter stimulation, prostate play, and sensual massage, the Swerve massager’s double-sided design incorporates textures that appeal to every body. Experiment with both ends to find the combination that most arouses you. The thoughtfully designed Swerve massager is the perfect shape to toggle and massage into your favorite erogenous zones, with two styles of stimulating tips that allow users to customize sensations to their liking. Use the beaded end to spice up foreplay before transitioning to the flat-tipped end for targeted massage.

Please note that Le Wand’s Stainless Steel Collection has a wonderful, weighty sensation. The Swerve Massager weighs approximately 1.14 pounds, the second lightest style in our assortment after the Bow Massager.

Three Ways To Enhance Steel Sex Toys

Place a Vibrator Against the Base of Your Toy to Add Instant Vibration
Soak Your Toy in a Bowl of Warm Water for a Steamy Sensation
Store Your Toy in the Vegetable Crisper to Provide a Cooling Touch

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