Masters Speculum



Add a little medical play to your BDSM kit. This speculum is designed to give the dom an inside look to the consenting sub and take medical play to a whole new level. This erotic activity is designed to cater to your medical fetishes when you explore vaginal or anal canals. Your sub will enjoy being stretched while their senses heighten. 

Try warming or cooling your speculum to enhance sensations. A speculum is also a great training tool when preparing for penetration of larger objects. 

When enjoying this activity, remember your lubricant and to go slow. Clean your speculum before and after playtime with a toy cleaner and warm water rinse. 


Metal speculum ideal for medical play
Measures 3.75 inches long
.75 inches wide when closed
1.7 inches wide when open
Silicone lubricant safe
Sanitize before next play session


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