Mid-Length Binder



Introducing a line of binders that are designed to be comfortable, functional and go with anything in your wardrobe. New York Toy Collective designed their mid-length binders with your comfort and function in mind. The pattern of these binders also features a low neckline to reduce visibility, with additional sticking give this a finished look and durable feel. A short design meant to mimic the look of a sports top.

The materials have been carefully selected to have moisture-wicking functions; no more worrying about over eating when you wear your binder! Finally the matte white color was specially selected to not stand out and blend in with your regular attire.

Remember, when selecting a binder, make sure you can breathe comfortably. Your binder should be snug, but not so much that it hurts or is uncomfortable to breathe deeply. Do not wear your binder any longer than 8 hours, if avoidable. Listen to your body if you feel like you need to take a break, remove the binder and give as much time as you need to return to wearing the item.

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