Packer Gear FTM Stroker



This awesome masturbation sleeve is made to satisfy you by mimicking sensations of a great hand job or blow job. Designed for trans men, and trans masculine folks, this toy creates an incredible suction pocket that stokes you to orgasm. It works great if your member is enlarged by testosterone therapy, if you’re using a clit pump, if you’ve had metoidioplasty, or if you have a naturally larger clit. It can also help facilitate masturbation for trans men who have body dysphoria by providing a more authentic experience in line with using a Fleshlight. You can get yourself hard before using this, or go in flaccid and let the texture interior and suction of the stroker work you erect. Just add plenty of lube, and be prepared to come quickly. 

*Shop with confidence, this product comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty.


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