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The Shots America Rechargeable Penis Pump is a premium quality pump designed for long and girthy penises. This waterproof and body safe pump is able to hold an incredible, six hour charge for long and frequent stimulation. The generously sized penis pump is a great option for individuals with additional girth or length who want to take their erection to new heights. Use the built-in LED screen to control and enhance your erections in complete darkness. The transparent design of this pump allows users to view their penis as it expands!

For additional comfort and sensation, add a water-based lubricant to the silicone sleeve of this toy. After each use, wash your pump with a toy cleaner and warm water rinse.

Three Ways to Double Your Size

Try a Performance Enhancement Pill:
Performance enhancement pills help to improve blood flow and endurance. When paired with a penis pump, these pills have an explosive effect!

Try a Cock Ring:
Cock rings help to restrict blood flow, allowing you to maintain longer, harder erections. Add a cock ring to the base of your penis to maintain your size after pumping.

Try a Desensitizer:
A desensitizer can be added to the penis after pumping to reduce sensation in the penis. Try a desensitizer if you’d like to increase your stamina and endurance!


Product Disclaimer:
Please read the product manual before using any type of vacuum pump or restriction ring. Discontinue use if you feel any pain or discomfort during use and consult a licensed physician.  

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