Purple SnailVibe



For years, companies have tried to create a vibrator that can simultaneously stimulate the vagina and the clitoris. A universal solution to dual stimulation felt like a distant fantasy of ours. Now, we have the SnailVibe. 

The SnailVibe is the latest innovation in dual stimulation, designed to hit every touchpoint of the vulva!

The rigid lower arm is wrapped in smooth and buttery silicone, for true-to-life strokes. Watch as the snails ‘shell’ uncoils, as you receive deeper penetration. It’s ultra wide, silicone spiral is 2.5 centimeters long, to accommodate diverse and changing body types. With the SnailVibe, you can ensure consistent contact with all your favorite erogenous zones! Navigate through 5 settings and speeds on each arm, to find your perfect setting combination. With 600 possible setting combinations, the SnailVibe is truly the vibrator for ‘anybody.’


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