Scandal Hidden Pleasure Gag



The Scandal hidden pleasure ball gag is a designer erotic accessory created for couples looking to experiment with exotic pleasure play or stylish fetishists looking to indulge in hidden desires. Surrender to your lovers every whim as they secure the pliable gag and designer brocade straps around you. The playful bite ball delivers Primal passion to your bedroom, while each stifled moan elevates pleasure and intensifies arousal for everyone involved. Luxury pleasure play is at your fingertips with the medical grade silicone ball, designer brocade fabric and Double padded band. 


Adjustable double padded collar
Odor free, taste free Silicone 
High quality materials: our food grade silicone Gag measures 1.75 (4.5 cm) in diameter with a silky polyester collar that adjusts up to 30″ (76.25 cm)


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