Screaming O Charged Skooch Ring (black)



This rechargeable Screaming O Charged Skooch Ring’s flexible fins vibrate and hit your lovers perfect spot with deep, rumbling Vooom vibrations controlled via 10 functions.

Enjoy textured stimulation with Charged Skooch, a rechargeable vibrating cock ring equipped with four firm yet flexible fin like extensions that tremble with deep, rumbling Vooom vibration. Sweep, rub or grind your way to deeper stimulation and enjoy 10 powerful functions that flow through Charged Skooch’s smooth silicone fins for the most satisfying sensation. 

This unique vibrating cock ring also features a wider band that fits around the penis or penis and testicles. Your choice! With a more comfortable snug and secure fit. Charged Skooch is made of lab tested, body safe True Silicone, is completely waterproof, and comes with a limited 2 year warranty to assure ultimate customer satisfaction. One size fits most.


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