Secret Shampoo Stroker – Anal



Showers will never be the same again – the Intimate Therapy Anal Stroker is shaped like a shampoo bottle for discreetly hiding your toys in plain sight. Slip next to your other shower toiletries for wet ‘n wild showers. 

The inconspicuous shampoo bottle allows you to control the tightness and amount of suction. Open the pop-top closure to allow more air into the stroking chamber, and squeeze the bottle to control tightness. Close the pop-top to create a tight vacuum for unbelievable suction! If you need to keep playtime brief, take the top cap off altogether and enjoy friction-free fun!

Use warming lubricant for a more realistic playtime. When playtime is over, use toy cleaner and warm water rinse. Dry sleeve before placing back into the container. If your stroker sleeve begins to feel sticky, use renew powder to restore back to it’s soft, supple state. 


Great for players who need to be discreet
Stroker shaped like shampoo bottle
Squeeze bottle for a snug fit
Pop-top controls suction
Molded after a vaginal opening
Sleeve made of TPE
Measures: 3.5 in x 8.5 in 


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