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Pack and play your way! SpareParts Joque Harness is a comfortable jock strap design that is specially designed to be worn for your comfort. The Joque soft material and adjustable straps form so perfectly to your body, you’ll forget you’re wearing a harness. This harness’ quick dry nylon material is designed to wick moisture away from the body making this ideal for all-day wear.

The internal packing strap comes with an o-ring that fits most dildos up to a 2-inch diameter. While stretchy enough to slip your dildo through, the o-ring is sturdy enough to hold tight during the most vigorous sex and doesn’t wear out. So pair with your coveted Shilo Dildo for enticing pack and play or opt for Shilo’s big brother Carter for when you want to go big.

The Joque also features two (2) internal mini-vibe pockets so you can please both yourself and your partner with buzzing stimulation or deep rumbling vibrations. This harness is travel-friendly; this brief has no metal pieces, saving you hassle when passing through security checkpoints.


Comfortable harness for packing and pegging
Designed like a jocky-strap
Has internal pack strap with o-ring
O-ring fits 2-inch toy diameter
O-ring keeps shape after numerous uses
Made of vegan nylon
Wicks moisture from the body
2 internal mini-vibe pockets
No metal pieces
  Great for traveling
Keeps shape after numerous wears
Comes in 2 sizes: 
  Size A measures: 
    Belt: 20 in – 50 in 
    Leg Straps: 10 in – 16 in 
  Size B measures: 
    Belt: 35 in – 65 in 
    Leg Straps: 14 in – 24 in 

How to Find Correct Fit:
Size is determined from lower waist/hip measurement.

1) Determine how you’ll be wearing the harness. There is a high ride (around the waist) and low ride (around the hips)
2) Wrap measuring tape around the waist or hips (depending on your preference)
3) Find the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself.
4) Add a few (3-4) inches to this measurement for size fluctuation and room for sizing adjustment.
5) Use that measurement to determine your size


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