Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sling



Think of all the things that can go on behind closed doors.


Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam is the portable positioning system you’ve been searching for! The Special Edition Collection reworks four of Sportsheets most iconic products to offer users more features and benefits then ever before. Now equipped with a detachable anchor pad, the Special Edition Door Jam can accommodate any harness-compatible dildo or bullet. Perfect for solo play, people with physical disabilities, or couples, the Door Jam’s ultra padded seat and foot supports are designed to support up to 325 pounds of weight. 

This luxury sex swing can be used to support a number of erotic positions. Whether standing, sitting, or tilting, this swings gold chrome support bars and fully adjustable straps make it easy to accomplish some of the most challenging positions. To use this positioning system, simply secure the small metal weights over the top of your door, closing the door to lock them in place. 

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