Sportsheets Special Edition Under the Bed Restraint System



Transform your bedroom into a private dungeon!

Sportsheets Special Edition Under the Bed Restraints are the portable positioning system you’ve been searching for! The Special Edition Collection reworks four of Sportsheets most iconic products to offer users more features and benefits then ever before. Now equipped with two additional restraint straps, the Sportsheets Special Edition Bed Restraints offer six points of restriction. Vegan leather wrist and ankle cuffs offer strength and durability, secured with a stylish buckle clasp.

This comfortable and stylish restraint system is designed to fit the underside of your mattress. Simply tuck the straps away when you’ve finished playing. Adjustable polyester straps allow you to customize your level of restriction and can be easily transported or stored away. This Special Edition Bed Restraint comes with reinforced, gold chrome hardware, six double sided lobster clasps, and a soft blindfold. Ideal for forced orgasm scenes, edging, and full body massage, the Under the Bed Restraint System will bring drama and excitement to any encounter.

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