Strict Male Chastity



Caging the beast has never been more exciting. This chastity belt stokes sexual energy as you build the anticipation for your sub’s release. This vegan leather chastity belt comes with adjustable backstraps for your consenting subs comfort, along with four (4) cock restraining straps for the dom’s control. This design makes it easy to please your keyholder by taking submissive play outside the bedroom. Wear this under any clothes, no one will know!

Remember to use lube when preparing for this submissive play. Remember, while this is comfortable, it shouldn’t be used days on end. And if you find yourself or your sub in discomfort or pain, stop playtime to avoid injury. 


Great for intermediate players 
Ideal for subs who enjoy chastity play
Made of black vegan leather
Waist fits up to 43 inches
Metal ring has 2-inch diameter
4 leather straps fit up to 6-inch circumference


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