Suppressor Gag



Get up close and personal with Masters Suppressor Gag. The adjustable harness fits over the mouth and is reversible to cater to your desires. Place the 1.65-inch in the mouth and tell your sub to pleasure you. Or, reverse it so that the dildo completely muffles them. The 2.5-inch dildo is made of supple silicone that is sturdy enough to handle any degree of play. Pair with a heating or cooling lubricant to add to the sensations. 

Keep in mind to check on your sub during playtime to make sure they are enjoying it just as much as you are! Remind each other before playtime of the signals and safe words to use during the scene if you are uncomfortable with the activities. 


Great for intermediate and advanced players
Gag is reversible
22 inches in total length
Dildo measures: 2.5 in x 1 inch
Ball suppressor measures 1.65 inches in diameter


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