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Sensuva’s antibacterial toy cleaner is proven to kill 99.9% of surface bacteria. The fine mist pump dispenses an even layer of anti-microbial ingredients along the surface of your sex toy. Tough on residue but gentle on the skin, this mild formula is perfect for individuals with sensitive or delicate tissues. We recommend misting sprays for products with smooth, surfaces. Opt for a foam toy cleaner for sex toys with generous texture or tight inner channels.

To use this cleaner, spray directly and liberally onto your pleasure product. Massage into areas with heavy residue for 60 seconds. Wipe away extra fluid. This product is not intended as a personal moisturizer. Do not use internally, and do not ingest. 

Why Toy Cleaner?

Standard hand and body soaps may contain dimethicone or other oil-based compounds. These ingredients are shown to degrade and breakdown the material on your sex toys over time and can leave harmful residue on the surface of the toy. For individuals with sensitive tissues, this may contribute to the disruption of pH levels and UTIs. Opt for a gentle toy cleaner for your convenience and peace of mind. Alternatively, you can find a mild, oil-free soap to cleanse your sex toys.


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