We-Vibe Bond Stimulation Ring



Looking for a product that puts pleasure first? The We-Vibe Bond Stimulation Ring is a multi-functional sex toy perfect for partnered or solo play. Worn on your fingers, the Bond Stimulation Ring will add electricity to every touch. Subtle curvatures allow the Bond to navigate every contour of your body. Anywhere your hands can go, the Bond follows.

The Bond can also be worn as a traditional cock ring. The Bond Stimulation Ring measures 35mm, but can be extended by using the optional Custom Fit Link. We-Vibe’s Custom Fit Link allows users to tailor the fit of their ring with every use, with a quick release button for optimal safety. When worn as a cock ring, the Bonds gentle curves will expertly target the perineum, heightening sensation and providing more powerful orgasms.

Use the Bond alone or with an enthusiastic partner. The Bond is app-enabled and remote controlled to allow couples to connect from anywhere in the world. With four pre-set speeds, and six pre-set patterns, their is something for everyone to enjoy.


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