Womanizer Premium



Experience Divinity with the Womanizer Premium 

The Womanizer Premium is our most powerful air pulsator, equipped with over 12 pressure air settings! If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect level of stimulation, the Womanizer Premium is the perfect product for you. Unlike traditional vibrators, the Womanizer Premium uses air to recreate the natural contractions that occur during orgasm. Contactless air stimulation is gentle on sensitive tissues, great for all experience levels.

Engage the Premium’s built-in autopilot function for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Premium’s autopilot function is designed to cycle through all 12 settings, for unpredictable and explosive orgasms. Smart Silence Technology adds additional discretion during use, only activating the motor when it senses the moisture in your skin. Used under water or under the sheets, the Womanizer Premium creates sensations unlike any other product in our inventory. 

Please Note: Womanizer products are not eligible for any dollar or percentage off discounts.

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