So here it goes…

The other day, I went to this new store downtown. I had heard about its unique selection of goods and decided to check it out. But little did I know that I would end up with a guy dildo!

It started like a normal outing where I had gone with the view of maybe getting a few new things for myself. So you could imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a rather large section devoted to male dildo!

I had always heard of these things but had no idea that they existed. I had no idea that they were even considered toys! I was totally blown away and had to know more!

So I asked a shop attendant about the whole thing. It turns out, many men were interested in purchasing these, which was rather unexpected. So I went ahead and took my chances by picking up one of these.

The feeling was honestly indescribable. I was intrigued by the ‘male’ part of it all, and was eager and willing to experiment. I wanted to know what it would feel like and I wasn’t disappointed. The texture and vibrators the shape were amazing and it really felt as though I was having a real ‘male’ experience.

Surprisingly, it was also really easy to clean. I was a bit worried about that ahead of time, but the materials were so easy to wipe down that it was a cinch to keep it healthy and hygienic. So all my worries and fears were laid to rest.

It was really interesting to learn that even men could enjoy this kind of experience so I tried out a few different models. While each one was special in its own way, I think my favorite was the one that had a little bit more ‘meat’, if you know what I mean!

Another impressive part of the experience was that these dildos were so realistic. They moved and felt like a real man would and it was a real eye-opener for me. What was even more startling was the fact that they even came with a few settings to make the experience even better.

There was a vibration setting which made the experience even more enjoyable. And the lube was also really good quality so it made things go smoothly and not painfully. It was unbelievable how much more enjoyable it was compared to the other kinds I had tried before.

All in all, I was so impressed with the guy dildo. It may have been something relatively new to me, but the experience was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring something new and exciting.